Actual FCC used in  the Thales B747-400 Full Flight Simulator

A320 avionic design work at BAES Filton 1984

Some aircraft photography  copyright of  John Farrington, reproduced with his kind permission.  

B777 Full Flight Simulation

ADS flight test data analysis

Orbit B737-300/400/500 Full Flight Simulator

 Indonesia N250 avionics design and Engineering Simulator

MAS B747-400 and  B737-400 full flight simulations

Eurofighter networked Full Mission Simulations

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Airbus MCDU Aid

Airbus MCDU Aid. Free play simulation of the Airbus MCDU


Practice route entry, performance predictions, constraints etc.


B777 Full Flight Simulation

Consultancy Services


35 + Years experience in Avionics, Flight Simulation and IT working with  Boeing, Airbus, EADS, Thales, Rolls Royce, CAE amongst others. See my full CV here


A330-200 PC Simulation. Complete in great detail. From Ground power through flying an MCDU route to Auto- Land to engine shut down. Click the picture icon for more details.


More company routes.  The MCDU Aid, FMGS Aid and A330 PC simulation all come with company routes. Here are additional company routes that can be downloaded for free.


For use with Airbus MCDU Aid, Airbus FMGS Aid and the A330-200 PC Simulation


Optional extras for the A330-200 Simulator available

ISA calculator. Speeds, Pressures etc.


Ever wanted to know what just got downloaded onto your PC?


What’s New shows any new or edited file in the recent few minutes


Free Stuff:


Precision B747-400 Simulator version 10 (PSX)


Aerowinx have just released their new B747-400  version simulation by Hardy Heinlin

This familiarization  aid combines the MCDU Aid with the full simulation of the Auto pilot and Auto thrust system with the A320 aircraft model. It will allow familiarization of the Flight Management and Guidance System of Airbus aircraft.  


It is not a certified training aid but it does allow a free play simulated operation of the FCU, MCDU, A/P and A/THR in all modes from on ground route entry, through take off, climb, cruise, descent and on to final approach and auto land.


Airbus A320 FMGS Aid



Airbus Guides


Airbus A320 flight simulator PC version.


This PC simulation uses the same windows base of our other PC simulation, with a completely new A320 aircraft model. The A320 flight dynamics, FMGS and aircraft systems  are faithfully modeled.






Various HTML guides for the Airbus MCDU, FMGS, A330 and A320. Full color, HTML  format, guide usable on any lap top, PC,tablet or MAC with a web browsing capability


MCDU Guide

Contains information similar to  most of Volume 4 of the FCOM



FMGS Guide

Contains information similar to  most of Volume 4 and Volume 1 ATA chapter 22  of the FCOM



A330 Guide

Contains information similar to  most of Volume 4 and Volume 1 of the FCOM for all systems.



A320 Guide

Contains information similar to  most of Volume 4 and Volume 1 of the FCOM for all systems.



Optional extras for the A320 Simulator available

Flight simulations of the A320 and A330 both full cockpit and partial FCU/MCDU, to enable familiarization of these aircraft for non pilots.



We are currently updating our A330 and A320 simulations to improve their fidelity and increase the number of malfunctions available.



Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are unable to offer full support at this time. Therefore, all our products are now free of charge. We ask only for you to consider donating to our web site to help with its running costs.

27th November 2021


Airbus A330 FMGS Aid


This is similar to the A320 FMGS Aid, except that it uses our A330-200 model, and A330 options on the MCDU and FCU.

Although great care has been taken, whilst using publicly available information to make these familiarization aids and simulations as accurate as possible, they are not certified training aids and must not be used for any actual aircraft operations or training. They are designed for non pilots and home simulation enthusiasts, who wish to become more familiar of the Airbus aircraft.